WordPress Database Optimizer

With this feature you would be able to remove useless data from the tables of WordPress Database, without login into the phpMyAdmin. Cleaning up this unwanted data significantly reduces your WordPress database size and improve database performance.

DB Optimizer Scheduler

You can easily clean, delete, optimize or repair data from the tables automatically on timely basis i.e. Daily, Hourly. Regular clean up and optimization can improve the overall performance of your website.

Table Optimization

This feature allows you to reorganize the physical storage of table data and associated index data, to reduce storage space. It will improve efficiency of your database and make your web page load quicker.

Table Deletion Option

Delete or Drop the complete tables of your database using the delete option in the Clean Up Optimizer without phpMyAdmin access. The plugin allows you to delete tables from your WordPress database with a single click.

Repair Tables

Occasionally, database tables become corrupt and you are no long able to access them, so Clean Up Optimizer repairs the possibly corrupted tables. What else needed!

Table Preview Option

With this feature, you can preview the contents or data of your tables which is stored in your database just using a single click without phpMyAdmin access. You can also view the size of tables and number of rows present in each table.

Data Optimizer

With the optimization feature you can optimize your database and data by removing the unnecessary data such as post revisions, spam comments, trash, transient options, orphaned meta data, and so on from the WordPress database to make it clean.

Data Optimizer Scheduler

You can configure and set the scheduler for the automatic cleaning of data from WordPress on Daily and Hourly basis. It allows you to automatically clean up and optimize your database without any hassle.

Database Overview

You can view the different information of database such as Database Name, Database Type and Database Size. It allows you to get an overview of database just using a single click.

Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs adds a new information panel to Clean Up Optimizer that displays details such as List of the Scheduled events, Individual Schedule Interval, Date & Time for next event Execution and Arguments to pass to the hook function(s) for WP scheduled events (both custom and core).

Manage Trackbacks and Comments

This highly interactive feature allows you to manage the Trackbacks and Comments. Trackbacks give bloggers the ability to communicate between websites. You can easily enable or disable them using Clean Up Optimizer.

Login Logs

Login Logs allows you to track the current users who are logging into your website and show their Geo Location on the map. You can view the recent login details of the users and also it can block or unblock the IP Address.

Live Traffic

With Clean Up Optimizer, you can monitor live traffic on your website. You can easily see and manage the visiting user’s lists, the pages visited by them and what activities are being performed by users.

Visitor Logs

This plugin allows you to keep a detailed record of visitors like user name, IP address, location, date & time. You can also perform actions such as delete or block a particular visitor.

Maximum Login Attempts

Clean Up Optimizer allows you to set Maximum Login Attempts for your website. Clean Up Optimizer allows you to limit rate of login attempts and protect your site from brute-force attacks. What else needed!

Auto IP Block

You can enable Auto IP Block for your website. If the user exceeds the maximum login attempts, then his IP would be blocked. It would be blocked for specified time period as per your settings.

Block/Unblock IP Addresses

Clean Up Optimizer allows you to block or unblock the IP Addresses of the login users as per your requirement. With this you would be able to block unauthorized user and can also view the detailed records of the blocked IP Address.

Block/Unblock IP Ranges

Clean Up Optimizer allows you to block or unblock the IP Ranges of the login users as per your requirement. With this you would be able to block a full range of IP’s and can also manage the blocked IP Ranges.

Block/Unblock Countries

Another advanced feature is that you can block certain countries to protect your site from unauthorized access. With this you would be able to block/unblock countries and can also manage the blocked countries IP.

Roles & Capabilities

You can control the capabilities of Clean Up Optimizer among different roles of WordPress users easily. This feature allows you to specify particular role and capability to the user accordingly.

Super Duper Support

Quick Response to your queries and issues are provided directly by the support team. We firmly believe that having fast, friendly and helpful Customer Support is important. We constantly strive to offer the best support possible.

Automatic Plugin Updates

Clean Up Optimizer allow you to get free updates whenever there is a new version available to Standard, Business & Developer Edition users on monthly basis with Bug Fixes.

User Friendly Plugin

Clean Up Optimizer is a Superlative High quality WordPress Plugin which allows you to clean and optimize WordPress database along performing other vast security functions. It’s easy, powerful and can optimize easily.

Multi – Lingual

Clean Up Optimizer is able to support the different 36 Global Languages. This excellent feature enables the largest possible number of clients to associate with us.